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Meet Our 2012 CEO Light & Warmth Award Winners: Pedro Amorim!

Pedro doesn’t give plus-one service—he gives plus-100. He brought the spirit of recognition with him from his last post at Hilton Branson, and has since implemented Team Member incentive programs and created a video which highlights what makes the hotel special.

To raise the steakhouse to a new level, Pedro rallied Team Members by brainstorming innovative ways to WOW guests. He crafted a recipe board that allows guests to take home recipes for their favorite dishes. This is just one example of Pedro’s graciousness. If a guest mentions they like the dressing, Pedro will print a recipe card and a photo. Should guests mention their favorite kind of music, Pedro will create a CD and leave it in their room.

It’s no surprise that the steakhouse has sprung from 88th to 5th on Trip Advisor, enticing guests from around the world and increasing profit substantially. Pedro’s recipe for success is being applied to the hotel’s gastro pub—it’s already moved up from 390 to 252!

Countless guest comments name Pedro as a source of unbelievable service. After guests struggled through a nightmare at the airport, Pedro welcomed them to the steakhouse—even though they were closing. Pedro set up a table and listened as the guests recounted their awful experience. At the end of the meal, Pedro surprised them with a card signed by the rest of the steakhouse team, plus dessert to go.

Pedro doesn’t just WOW guests—he also WOWs Team Members. He recently helped a Team Member create a video to enter the Hilton Grammy Award Contest. Pedro is active in the community, lending his time to Orlando’s LGBT & Friends community as well as the Hope and Help Center of Central Florida.

Congratulations to our CEO Light & Warmth Award winner!


Posted on Jan 28, 2013

Topic(s): CEO Light & Warmth Award, Recent Recognition Ideas

magola anaya says

Congratulations Pedro, it was really WOW!! Keep doing!!! my best regards from Sunny Cartagena Colombia.

Commented on October 7, 2013

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