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Meet Our 2012 CEO Light & Warmth Award Winners: Tom Dempsey!

Tom’s service is so inspirational to guests and Team Members that he received eight nominations! He’s genuinely enthusiastic about hospitality and loves people, and this spirit has rubbed off on his team and inspired them to go the extra mile.

Nicknamed “The Blur,” Tom has a heart to serve that has him helping everywhere at once. Seemingly small gestures, such as scraping snow and ice from guests’ vehicles and heeding a guest’s joking request for steak and eggs, have contributed to Tom’s hotel being ranked as the Number One Hampton Inn worldwide.

“Selfless” hardly begins to describe Tom. When he expects a busy day, he’ll give his team a head start by arriving early to finish all the laundry. He created a program to donate unusable laundry to a local shelter. He took a day off to help a Team Member move into a new apartment. Tom even tried to give away the shoes off his feet.

Tom not only understands the ins and outs of the hotel, but also his Team Members. Each Christmas, Tom cooks a homemade dinner and packs each Team Member a dinner bag. When a child’s iPod was washed with the linens, Tom purchased a new iPod.

Tom truly leads by example and gets others excited to spread the light and warmth of hospitality. When you need a hand, who do you call? All eight nominators agree: You call Tom.

Congratulations to our new CEO Light & Warmth Award winner!


Posted on Jan 28, 2013

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