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Meet Our 2012 CEO Light & Warmth Award Winners: Vasile “Billy” Tuturi!

Billy sets the True Waldorf Service standard. He is always one step—if not many—ahead of others.

When you hear “Welcome to the seventh floor, it is always my pleasure to have you,” you know you’re in good hands. His manager knew the same thing when she arrived in her new position and Billy handed her a folder stuffed with notes to help her become familiar with the hotel and rooms.

Billy will go to any length to assist a guest and make them happy, and he treats his team the same way. He genuinely cares about teammates’ growth, and gets to know each teammate individually to understand their weaknesses and capitalize on their strengths. Because of this, he’s gained his team’s loyalty and trust.

Each of the 90+ rooms on the seventh floor is as familiar to Billy as his home. His friendly demeanor helps him put others at ease, even under the demands of his own responsibilities. He arrives early, leaves late, and understands that his actions make an impact on the hotel’s success.

Since the seventh floor is the showroom, it can be said that Billy’s service and professionalism have earned the hotel countless revenue.

Billy can shift between Vasile the Grandfather and Billy the Supervisor. When his manager called a pre-shift meeting on a busy day, Billy appeared with a healthy snack and said, “Take this, you will need it today.” Then, snap! He was a Team Member again, and said, “OK. Back to business.”

Billy’s contagious spirit inspires the hotel in every way, and we’re so glad it’s catching on.

Congratulations to our CEO Light & Warmth Award winner!


Posted on Jan 28, 2013

Topic(s): CEO Light & Warmth Award, Recent Recognition Ideas

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