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Meet Our 2012 CEO Light & Warmth Award Winners: Willie Lewis!

Willie is a shining example of teamwork, always putting others first and demonstrating unparalleled acts of kindness. He makes sacrifices and does the right thing, every time, such as volunteering for overnight duty to ensure that Housekeepers would have everything they needed the next day.

Willie takes vacation strategically, never leaving at critical times and always making sure the hotel will run smoothly. Even so, you can hear Team Members sigh in relief when they realize that he is back and in charge! Willie’s mentorship is so potent that you can always hear Team Members saying, “No, we have to do it this way—because that’s how Willie would do it!”

Willie’s mind is always on others. When his work in Laundry is finished, he’ll help other departments catch up, or prepare for success. Willie even called his supervisor at 11 P.M. to remind him to set out buckets of bleach so the hotel could get off to a great start the next morning.

In the community, Willie is an icon. He cleans buildings and gives all he can to others. Everyone knows that Willie is there to give advice or a helping hand—and you don’t even have to ask.

Congratulations to our new CEO Light & Warmth Award winner!


Posted on Jan 28, 2013

Topic(s): CEO Light & Warmth Award, Recent Recognition Ideas

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