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Brenda’s Brigade Walks in the MS Walk.

Hampton Inn & Suites Orem, UT

As an Executive Housekeeper, I find that often times, my personal life does overlap my work place. I have MS (Multiple Sclerosis) and felt it very important that my department team members were aware of some of the “finer moments” I experience sometimes having MS. I wanted to make sure that they understood why I sometimes trip, or drop things, and too, sometimes get tired quite rapidly. After having worked with them for a year… THEY decided that WE should walk in the National MS Walk. I had participated for years, and was SO excited when they wanted to join me. I bought everyone a bright ORANGE t-shirt from a local discount store and we made signs that read “TEAM HAMPTON…Brenda’s Brigade.” It was so much fun! We raised a significant amount of money and several girls won individual awards for their efforts. Those that walked, returned to the hotel afterward, and pitched in! They helped the girls that supported us by cleaning, finish up for the day. Our department still talks about the day and are planning on making it an annual event. It supported a great cause as well as supported myself on a much more PERSONAL note!

Posted on Dec 15, 2009

Topic(s): Corporate Responsibility / Sustainability, Recent Recognition Ideas

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