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All-New Catch Me Best Practices.

We’re halfway through the first month of Catch Me! Check out what hotels across Hilton Worldwide are doing to keep their programs going strong:

“We are giving a prize to the first Team Member that gets 25 catches in honor of the program being in place for 25 years. The first manager to recognize a Team Member for the season gets a prize, too.” – Sandra Deschamps, West 57th Street by Hilton Club, NY

“This year, we are having a Deep Sea Fishing Tournament. Each department is presented with a boat to decorate. As they hit milestones for how many catches they’ve received, they will get a flag to put on their boat. The team with the most flags wins.” – Samantha Jayakumar, Kings Land by Hilton Grand Vacations Club, HI

“We will also be having a ‘Catch and Release Week’ where all catches placed in Team Member areas will be stapled in sets of two. The first one will have a sticker saying, ‘It’s Catch and Release Week—You’ve been caught, now catch someone.’ Team Members will use the attached card to catch another Team Member.” – Samantha Jayakumar, Kings Land by Hilton Grand Vacations Club, HI

“We developed a News Station theme. They are described below. We award each member with a news spotlight in our weekly newsletter of Catch Me Today.  We have weekly drawings, celebrations, and contests to win for prizes and free stuff.  Here is the breakdown and description of how each team contributes:

Producers make things happen (Wow Memories). They react to situations and make the best educated guessed based on their experience (CRM Experience). Producers make the whole picture (Goal) come together. They create what was once a vision. Our catch Me producers will make this program fun and exciting, and make all the pieces of hospitality fit together.

Reporters get the stories (catches) and report the facts (praise). They are the ones that make the news fun and exciting to watch. Through catching members of the hotel and reporting them, we are better informed on how to make our guests happy. Reporters also spread the news, asking if a guest experiences someone going above and beyond. If so, a card is filled out. They support the team and program by making sure people are educated on how they can help. Reporters make the news relatable and help everyone share in the fun.

Camera Crew
Wow, what don’t these busy bees do?! They are everywhere, every hour of the day. Whether it is watching a good deed and filming (filling out a card) or being at the right spot at the right time to make a guest’s day by placing them in the spot light. The camera crew sometimes works weird hours for the better of the team, and get the job completed by using their resources. They are dependable and truly care about the quality of the film (cards). We wouldn’t be able to produce or report without the help of them.

We discuss our daily catches in our morning huddles and they get the spotlight!” – Megan Ratchford, Home2 Suites by Hilton Salt Lake City/South Jordan, UT

“Hilton Hyde Park has organized a theme for this year: ‘Hyde Park Heroes.’ We are making our heroes race to rescue our hotel’s mascot, Heidi, who’s been kept in the Hilton Hyde park dungeons. There is a selection of well-known superheroes on our race board. With every catch, a Team Member’s name is attached to a superhero. Whoever gets to the top will win the heart of the princess and a great prize.” – Karolina Krol, Hilton London Hyde Park, UK

“Since we host the Great Balloon Race around the same time as Catch Me, our theme is Balloon Races. In our back office, we have a board with every Team Member’s name on their own little hot air balloon with the number of catches they have.” – Kori Johndon, Hampton Inn & Suites Longview North, TX

Bringing together our Kensington Bluedozing spirit for a bit of sporting rivalry means that the World Cup will be an exciting time here in London. We are pretty sure that the We Are Kensington Catch Me World Cup will be an even bigger success than what is happening in Brazil…” – Chris Gilchrist, Hilton London Kensington, UK

“To keep the excitement of Catch Me alive in July and celebrate Independence Day, Team Members who receive a catch in July will receive an ‘Officially Caught’ card, along with a note and a bag of Cracker Jack. We will also hold special prize drawings for beach towels and sun tan lotion.” – Lynn Hunt, Hilton Garden Inn Bangor, ME

“We’ve embarked on a mission to ‘Save Each and Every Guest.’ Each Team member has been assigned an Avengers superhero. The challenge is for every Team Member to be caught WOWing a guest with their unique superhero powers—kind words and actions, smiles, helpfulness, attentiveness, efficiency, follow-through, knowledge, and leadership. At the end of Catch Me, the team with the most catches wins a prize.” – Ronda Ross, Homewood Suites by Hilton Wilmington/Mayfaire, NC

Posted on Jun 12, 2014

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