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New Zealand is “Shakin” Their SALT!

I wanted to share with you a new instant recognition program we have started at Hilton Auckland to recognise fantastic SALT behaviours around the hotel.

We have created a “Shakin” award where we had stickers printed onto salt sachets with the words “You’ve been shakin” “See Garry for your prize.”

These SALT sachets are distributed to the Head of Departments and Managers/Supervisors to give out to Team Members who are caught displaying positive behaviours to improve our SALT results. They get given a salt sachet and can redeem their prize through our DO – Garry. Prizes include vouchers, chocolate bars.

Instant recognition is the key here and to know that at any time you could be issued with the “shakin” SALT sachet has really motivated the team and shown in our SALT results. Back in May we were tracking way under target for SALT, since our “shakin” SALT awards came out, our SALT results have rocketed up and we are now at our 55% YTD target for the year.

A fun play on words and creative way to advertise SALT – we want to share this with the Hilton World! I have attached a photo of our Housekeeping Coordinator Burzis Ustad and his latest shaker award.

One of our objectives this year is to show NZ to the world and be on top of our game for SALT, and recognition.


Posted on Jul 21, 2010

Topic(s): Recent Recognition Ideas, SALT Boosting Ideas

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