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Ode to Six Engineers

January was Maintenance & Engineering month, and the sales team wanted to recognize this team without having to spend any money. We’ve done all the typical things in the past including bringing them coffee, hosting a lunch, etc. We wanted to do something different and special. We started the month by recognizing each of the six individuals with a chocolate bar with a personalized message. While this was nice and “sweet,” we wanted to really show our appreciation…so we wrote them the following poem

Ode to Six Engineers

There are six Engineers
All of them so sweet
These handy Musketeers
Guard our two plus hundred suites

Whatever the challenge
They will answer the call
A gasket needing change
Or a toilet tank ball

A bed frame is squealing?
A few tools and they’re done
And all night it’s snowing?
By morning it’s all gone.

Day and night they’re fixing
Every room, every floor
If something stops working
The problem is no more

There are six Engineers
At the Embassy Suites
Without them I much fear
Life wouldn’t be so neat

Posted on Mar 22, 2016

Topic(s): Department-Specific Recognition, Maintenance and Engineering

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