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Our Engineer Saves the Day!

Some time ago on a busy Sunday, a hose in the dishwasher burst and the main restaurant was fully booked. Unfortunately, Mr. Stani, our Engineer on duty from our outsourced maintenance company, did not have a spare part in the hotel to fix it. Also, to bring in a service company from outside would have taken too long at too extensive of a cost. Mr. Stani took initiative and drove home and removed – to the surprise of his wife – the hose from his private dishwasher, and installed it temporarily in the hotel’s dishwasher. This was a very outstanding solution and worked perfectly for the rest of the day until we could buy the new hose on Monday. Mr. Stani has been rewarded with a Hilton Moment and special recognition during our monthly Team Member celebration party.

Posted on May 22, 2011

Topic(s): Hilton Worldwide Values, Maintenance and Engineering, Recent Recognition Ideas

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