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Our Hero of Compassion.

One of the most significant stories that affected the whole team positively as well as inspired them immensely was Shaker’s real meaning of hospitality and compassion. It happened when he noticed that one of our regular guests who- is physically disabled and uses wheelchair – wanted to use the beach; however his disability was standing as an obstacle to enjoy the sandy beach. Shaker immediately ran toward him to offer assistance. Not only did he assist him to get off the wheelchair in order to enjoy the beach, but also he remained with him till he enjoyed the water for a while. The guest was speechless, and couldn’t stop his eyes shedding tears of joy and admiration of the genuine staff of Hilton Hotels. In addition, Shaker would dedicate certain time for the same guest on daily basis after his working shifts, in order to help this guest out enjoying the exotic water of Sharm EL Sheikh

Shaker was recognized by the hotel and the guest alike. His name was communicated among all team members and he deserved his new title as ”Hero of Compassion”.

Posted on May 22, 2011

Topic(s): Hilton Worldwide Values, Recent Recognition Ideas

Rianna says

way to go Shaker! This is so touching 🙂

Commented on August 29, 2011

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