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Our Housekeeping Week Celebration Plan!

Kindly be Informed that we started Our Housekeeping week celebration today as you all and our program is attached as below.

Sunday A contest to see who the best one make towels figures and drawing of the carpet.

Monday We will concentrate on cleaning the public areas and toilets, with prizes placed in hiding places.

Tuesday We will go out on the town to a buffet dinner.

Wednesday We will announce a competition awarding gift credits for room attendants who score 9 or 10 for SALT cleanliness.

Thursday A day dedicated to the laundry-linen team, with soft drinks at the end of the shifts.

Friday – A contest to see who could put ten pillows into their cases the fastest

Saturday – We have Chocolate Day, plus a contest to see who could spot the ten brand standard deficiencies in a staged room.

Click Here to Download Our Housekeeping Week Events Planner

Posted on Sep 13, 2010

Topic(s): Department-Specific Recognition, International Housekeeping Week, Recent Recognition Ideas

Ehab Youssry says

Dear All
Kindly be informed by our last update of HK week celebration.
1-we have done an outing for all available team members. below you will find the attached photos.
2-we have done the competition of the fastest room attendant can prepare ten pillow cases in a shortest time. also the photos attached.
the winners were named
a) Basel Mohamed.
b) Diaa Mohamed.
3-for Public areas we have done a competition of who is the best checker who can find something hided in the public areas.
the winner was named Ahmed Hassan.
4- lastly the winner of SALT competition of last month was Named
Abdullah Reda
5- the last day we have done Nine brand standard steps in the rooms with all team members.

Commented on September 19, 2010

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