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“Perfect 10” Incentive Improves Cleanliness AND GM-Team Communication!

In our Housekeeping department we have implemented a weekly recognition program called “Perfect 10 Inspection”. The General Manager and the Housekeeper Manager together inspect one room for each housekeeper with the employee present. The Room attendant receives 10 dollars in one dollar bills and they loose a dollar per mistake. At the beggining, they were keeping around 7 dollars. Now, they usually keep 9 every time and we have Perfect 10 Inspections regularly. It has helped us improve our cleanliness and its a time they get direct contact with our GM.

My housekeepers love it!

Posted on Jan 27, 2011

Topic(s): Department-Specific Recognition, International Housekeeping Week, Recent Recognition Ideas

Yaniz Garcia says

Where do you get all the funding from..it’s each day we have 16 ladies and that would be $160. I’m interested as I think this would help our Housekeeping team.


Commented on February 8, 2011

Dora Dillow says

Hi Yaniz.

We only do this program once a week and we only choose 5 housekeepers every time no more. So we only spend no more than 200 a month.

You can allocate that money from Employee incentives and select only 5. It will take the GM and Inspector around 10 minutes per person more or less so that would be an hour from the managers time. Try to select a different person every week.

Does this help you out?

Commented on February 9, 2011

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