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Popcorn Day at Hilton Cape Town City Centre, South Africa.

On January 18th the Hilton Cape Town City Centre was filled with the smell of fresh popcorn.

In celebration of Hilton Popcorn day, we offered freshly made popcorn to our guests and team members made in-house in an authentic carnival popcorn machine. The popcorn wagon in the lobby, operated by our maintenance manager, attracted a lot of attention and with the efforts of the “popcorn maidens” really nobody could resist the temptation of an afternoon popcorn snack.

For the team popcorn was given out for lunch and dinner at the team members’ restaurant – a well received addition to the usual menu.

Except a movie screen, nothing was missing at this year’s popcorn day.


Posted on Jan 30, 2013

Topic(s): Recent Recognition Ideas

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