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Pump Up Your Recognition! 31 Ways in 31 Days.

2013 isn’t over yet! Make sure to close your year with a bang and keep recognition strong. Here are 30 ways to pump up recognition in December.


1. Spotlight a different Team Member every day. Post their photo in the team area along with five interesting facts about them.

2. Ask each Team Member to write an anonymous letter to a peer thanking them for their hard work.

3. Mail a handwritten thank you note to Team Members’ homes.

4. Who hasn’t been recognized? Have a luncheon for “unsung heroes,” or those who may not spend a lot of time in the spotlight.

5. Make a Spirit Award nomination. Already nominated? Write another! They only take about 15 minutes.

6. Get to know a Team Member or department you don’t work with normally. Encourage other leaders to do the same.

7. Each day, spend an hour helping out a different department.

8. Get a roll of tickets and give one to each Team Member. Throughout the month, have raffle drawings for small treats or inexpensive prizes.

9. Challenge each department to bring in their most delicious homemade holiday treat. Let your Chefs of another non-partisan party judge the winner.

10. Ask your team for their best hospitality advice. Post their feedback in the team area, along with attribution to the teammate who said it. Change the quotes daily or weekly.

11. Designate a secret party team. If your team expects an end-of-year get together, surprise them with another get together the week before. Give ownership to a handful of trusted Team Members and let them plan the event—in secret!

12. Collect food or toys for local charities. Recognize each person who donates with a corporate responsibility certificate.

13. There’s a lot of eating going on during the holiday months. Recognize your team with a non-food related outing, such as a trip to the zoo or a museum.

14. Wrap small, inexpensive gifts and treats for your team. Attach labels and put them in the team area. Designate a day when you will open them. The anticipation and excitement of seeing their name on a gift will keep your team buzzing.

15. Out of town for the holidays? Send one (or more!) festive postcards wishing your hotel a great holiday and happy New Year.

16. On one half of a large sheet of paper, write down your team’s biggest accomplishments. On the other half, write their goals and resolutions for 2014.

17. Make a batch of popcorn balls for your team. It’s a light, sweet snack that comes together in just minutes. Get the recipe at our Hilton Worldwide Recognition board.

18. Get the spirit going in your hotel by letting your team create hotel versions of classic holiday carols. Assign a different carol to each department and see what they came up with. Past ideas include “I Saw Three HHonors Members (Come in on Christmas Day),” “Frosty the Salesman,” and “Not Silent Night.”

19. Holiday is a time for families. In addition to a team party where family is invited, designate a wall in the team area and let Team Members post pictures of their loved ones.

20. Stack three cardboard boxes to create a “recyclable” snowman in your team area. Have Team Members decorate the snowman with odds and ends found around the hotel.

21. If your team doesn’t have time to stop, set up a “day-long party” in the team area. Set out snacks and drinks that don’t need refrigeration and let your team filter in and out during the day. Kick things up a notch by setting out materials to make their own snow globe!

22. Be sure to have something special for Team Members who work on holidays. It could be a special lunch, a surprise gift card, extra time off to make up for the time they couldn’t be with their families, or a heartfelt personal note thanking them for their dedication.

23. Get your team excited for next year with a “Here Comes 2014” potluck luncheon. At the luncheon, highlight your 2013 accomplishments. Then, explain your goals for 2014.

24. Bring in a collection of funky hats and funny props. Take pictures of your Team Members posing with the props. Post the photos in the team area, publish them in your team newsletter, or post the best ones to your hotel’s social media page. (Be sure to ask Team Members’ permission first!)

25. Celebrate the season of giving! In lieu of a potluck, have Team Members bring in food or hot dishes to donate to a local shelter.

26. Select your favorite team pictures from each month of 2013. Post them in the team area in chronological order, along with a note that says “Thanks for the memories!”

27. Ask each Team Member or department for a work-appropriate song that reminds them of 2013. Select your favorites from the list and burn them to a CD to create “Sounds of 2013.” Give to your team!

28. Create a brief video of Team Members recalling their favorite accomplishment from 2013. Then ask what was the most important thing they learned, or what they wish they could redo and how they would do it better. Share the video at a team meeting.

29. If your hotel has a lot of regular guests, invite them to a team meeting or get-together. Team Members will beam with pride when you recognize them in front of guests. Guests may even add their own recognition!

30. You know to count down from 10 on New Year’s Eve. This time, count down the 10 DAYS before New Year’s Eve by sharing a favorite Team Member moment from 2013 each day.

31. You know how guests come on morning talk shows and demonstrate a certain skill? At lunch each week, give Team Members a few minutes to demonstrate a special skill. It may be a teammate teaching their favorite (work appropriate!) dance move, someone showing off their cooking skills, or a Team Member demonstrating the best way to wrap presents.

Posted on Dec 5, 2013

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