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Putting Our Own Twist on Catch Me at My Best.

We start the summer off by dividing all our Team Members into teams and posting announcements about the contest about a month before we begin. Their teams each have a captain, and we make a huge display in the weeks leading to the actual start date. We offer special prizes to the first three Team Members caught and display their pictures along with their Catch Me card on this large display. Then, each week, we collect all the “Catch Me” cards and create a display board in the hallway near the break room for all Team Members to see all summer; a new one is started for each month.

For every Catch Me card submitted, the Team Member receives a special “Officially Caught” card with a candy bar taped to it which is then delivered to each department’s bulletin board for the winner to pick up and his teammates to see! Also, each time a Team Member receives a card, their name is entered into a drawing for a monthly gift card!

In addition, those employees who are in the top 5 of being caught also receive cash prizes at the annual Christmas Party. We use the “Catch Me” contest to create great enthusiasm from early spring to the end of summer. We even extended our contest to the end of September because we had such a momentum going and teams were so close in the competition.

Photos coming soon!

Posted on Oct 7, 2011

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