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Recognition Checklist: Does Your Hotel Have What It Takes?

Studies show that a great recognition program has the power to boost morale, encourage teamwork, and spike SALT scores. The benefits of low-cost recognition are endless, but you have to head in the right direction to reap the rewards.

Are your recognition tactics making the biggest impact they can? Check them against this checklist, inspired by Great Places to Work.

  • Is it personal? When you want to send a sincere, heartfelt “thanks” to a Team Member, it has to match the recipient.  A company-wide shout out might not be the way to recognize a shy Team Member, and it’s not appropriate to offer a free car wash to someone who rides a bike to work. Make sure the Team Member knows you were thinking of them.
  • Is it specific? Recognition is most meaningful when it celebrates specific accomplishments. Letting Team Members know that you pay attention to their performance tells them that they matter. As a bonus, the entire team will benefit from seeing what sort of behaviors, contributions, and accomplishments earn recognition!
  • Does it celebrate a team, instead of a single person? The problem with employee of the month programs is that they only celebrate one person, and not all the Team Members who contributed to success. It makes people feel excluded from recognition. Instead, call out teams and the specific contribution each Team Member made. It’s the perfect way to encourage teamwork!
  • Do teammates recognize each other? As a manager, one of the most important things you can do is create a culture of peer recognition. Always encourage Team Members to catch each other, even during Catch Me’s offseason. Have departments plan celebrations for other departments, and create a Praise Wall in the break room where Team Members can write notes of appreciation and support. Peer recognition is the perfect way to inspire morale and teamwork, and get Team Members excited about individual and team success.
  • Is there formal recognition? Even though small, frequent acts of appreciation is the best diet for a healthy work place, it still feels great to be formally recognized. Be sure to nominate your superstars for the Spirit Award, which recognizes performers by brand for exceeding expectations and positively impacting guests, teammates, the hotel, and the community.

Add an extra kick to your recognition by nominating Team Members for the Spirit Award. It’s our highest level of brand recognition, and winners receive a cash prize plus a team party.

Posted on Oct 6, 2012

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