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Recognition in Social Media: The Evolution of “Thank You.”

As times evolve, so do our ways of communicating. Tools like Facebook and Twitter are great ways to connect with our guests. When properly managed, they can also be powerful ways to connect with existing and prospective Team Members.

But hold on! Before you dive in, we have a few tips. Chris Brooks, Manager of Social Engagement for Hilton Worldwide, offers his suggestions.

1. Try to mention an entire team. Make sure you credit EVERYONE who contributed to success, instead of just one person. “A big thanks to the Food and Beverage team!” makes everyone feel good and part of something great.

2. If you do mention an individual Team Member, check with them first to get their approval. Trust us—no one likes surprises when it comes to social media. Before you mention a Team Member, make sure they’re OK with having their name or image out there.

3. Don’t link to Team Members’ personal pages. Team Members might not be comfortable with all the attention. If in doubt, just use the Team Member’s first name and last initial. Or even better, credit the department!

4. Don’t create a new account solely for recognition. Too many sites can get confusing, especially for guests. Instead, find ways to incorporate recognition into your existing hotel page or account by adding notes and pictures that show Team Members at their best.

5. Make sure you have the people to regularly maintain your page or account. Especially in this time, social media can be a powerful too to show off your culture and supplement your recognition efforts. You can use it to recognize team events, milestones, and achievements. Make sure you assign a specific person to regularly update your page and keep others informed about your team. You may even treat the role as a privilege, and assign one person each month to be your Social Media Moderator!

Social media can be a powerful tool to show off your culture and supplement your existing recognition efforts. Use it to recognize team events, milestones, and achievements.

Posted on Oct 11, 2012

Topic(s): Recent Recognition Ideas, Thought Leadership

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