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Recognition of our Food & Beverage team

We decided to recognize our beloved team members while celebrating F&B week. The main idea was to release the online form that allowed colleagues from different departments to apply as volunteers to help in the Food & Beverage sector. All of the volunteers were divided among the week and were paired with many of the kitchen employees/servers/bartenders. The week was really fun as the F&B team trained us and were telling the inner side of their daily tasks and duties. It was really interested to experience different role even if it was only 1 hour a day. The final recognition of this week was commemorated on Thursday and Friday as we invited F&B team to enjoy a little break together in the room filled with balloons, tasty homemade cakes and cookies as well as fresh juice just for them. Not to forget the personalized “Thank You” cards that were given to each F&B team member. Our goal was to show our colleagues how important they are for all the other departments so we wanted to join and help them during their daily work tasks at least for a short hour.

Posted on Nov 18, 2020

Topic(s): Additional Ideas

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