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Recognition…the Gift That Keeps on Giving!

Cindy Fujioka,
Doubletree Alana Hotel Waikiki, HI

As an HR Director, it’s important for leadership to understand that recognition is everyone’s job…not just HR. While recognition from another manager is great, a compliment from a direct supervisor or manager is worth it’s heart-weight in gold.

Here’s an example that I will carry for a lifetime…

A number of years back, our hotel was in transition between management companies and the first 6 months were hectic. We came in early and stayed late every night for months.

Upon returning home exhausted one evening, all I had on my mind was, ‘What am I going to cook for dinner? I’m so tired.’ My husband handed me an envelope addressed to me with my GM’s familiar handwriting on it. It contained a card with a short hand-written note saying ‘Thanks for your hard work. Have dinner on me.’ Included were two gift cards redeemable at a popular local fast food restaurant. I cannot begin to describe how this unexpected ‘thank you’ touched my heart and brought tears to my eyes.

His simple gesture…act of kindness…made me want to do more and work harder to support him and help our team reach our goals. And, this has been and continues to inspire me when I’m ready to give up. Sincere appropriate recognition is more than recognition, it can inspire our team members for a long time beyond today.

I hope that more of our team members will have the opportunity to be inspired by people like my former GM. It is my goal that I will be able to properly ‘pay it forward’ over and over again and keep the inspiration going.


Posted on Oct 29, 2009

Topic(s): Low-Cost Recognition, Recent Recognition Ideas

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