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Recognize Team Members—Not Just Numbers!

“I think it’s very cool that Hilton’s global award is one for service and hospitality—not who made them the most money. It is a fantastic way of showing employees that they are what makes the difference in a guest’s stay.” – 2012 CEO Light & Warmth Award winner Molly Mooney, Sales Director at Homewood Suites by Hilton Champaign – Urbana, IL.

It’s no coincidence that two of Hilton Worldwide’s biggest Team Member honors, the Spirit Award and the CEO Light & Warmth Award, recognize Team Members and their incredible acts of hospitality. The reason is simple: Hospitality is a people business.

That doesn’t mean we don’t recognize numbers. It means we believe that recognizing the individuals who made those numbers possible is much more meaningful and motivating. After all, what do stellar SALT scores, sky-scraping QA numbers, or unbelievable Sales goals mean without the Team Members who made them possible?

Telling your Sales team, “Hey, good job securing that new account. It’s going to bring in $2,000 in additional revenue this month,” shows you pay attention to their success, but it also shows you’re more focused on numbers.

Instead, focus on individuals and their efforts. Try this: “Stephanie, thank you for your hard work securing that new account. The way you and Stephen collaborated on the sales pitch was impressive. And Margaret, the property tour you gave was flawless. You’re really coming into your role here!” This shows that you recognize many people contributed to the success. The result is a cohesive team that feels recognized for their individual efforts, and motivated to repeat them.

When you only recognize numbers or top performers, you leave out all of the wonderful, unquantifiable acts that make our properties so special. A Housekeeper who makes a point to greet every guest may not directly impact SALT scores, even though they undeniably contribute to the hotel’s warm culture. A QA score may never notice when a Team Member stays extra late escorting a guest to the emergency room, but that doesn’t make the act any less significant for the guest.

This month, as you select your top performer or Team Member of the Month, don’t focus on numbers and scores. Look at your team and think about who really stands out and makes your hotel special. It may be a Team Member who led the way to top SALT scores. It may be a teammate who got more HHonors sign-up than anyone else,. Or it may be a dependable Team Member who consistently covers shifts and always helps guests with heavy luggage or flat tires. When you recognize your individual teammates, instead of just high scores, you’ll realize there is a world of opportunity to recognize your team and motivate them to new heights.


Posted on Aug 16, 2013

Topic(s): Recent Recognition Ideas, Thought Leadership

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