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A Recognized Team Is a Happy Team.

I have just recently joined my team and brought in quite a few new recognition ideas to help inspire my team. Here are a few:

Housekeeping Poker – Everyday of a week, the Housekeepers have an opportunity to earn a playing card. A review from a guest, going out of their way to help a guest or a Team Member, scoring high on their room inspection, etc. At the end of the week, they pick their best five cards and the person with the best Poker Hand wins a prize (money or show tickets or gift card, etc.).

My favorite, and seems to be a Team favorite as well, is Tash Cash. They can earn Tash Cash many ways. With a bathroom black light challenge, helping someone, coming up with a great idea, etc. Tash Cash comes in $1, $5, $20, $50, $100 & $500 denominations (just like Monopoly money). You can redeem Tash Cash for prizes. For example, you can cash in $200 in Tash Cash for Dinner for Two and a movie, or hold on to that Cash to save up for one of the Grand Prizes: The GM will do your job for a day and you still get paid.

If you do something really cool or unexpected, I make a You Rock award. It is a plastic champagne glass with a real rock in it that has a sign that says “You Rock.” It is just quirky enough to get them to all want one at their station, desk, or on their cart.

I also have a sign on my door that says: If I was the G.M. I’d…. Here they get to play boss and tell me what they would do different or better. I ended up with things like, have Limbo Wednesdays, Hackie Sack Sundays, give everyone a GIANT raise, etc. The wittiest can get Tash Cash.

I had a Team Member that was left with two babies at home and nothing – no furniture, dishes – I mean nothing. I organized my team and we were able to collect items and money to furnish her home and get groceries. That ended up being a team building moment I wasn’t expecting.

I just really believe that a happy challenged and recognized team is what ultimately makes them successful in fulfilling and exceeding the expectations of our guests.”

Posted on Feb 16, 2018

Topic(s): Additional Ideas, Housekeeping

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