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Recognizing the Finance Department: Knowing How; Matters.

Recognizing the finance department: Knowing how; matters.

Imagine how it felt when somebody told you that you have done a good job. It feels pretty good and to top it if you are rewarded for your hard work and actions. I am Allen and work at Hilton Bankside as a reservation supervisor and I am part of a personal development roadmap called Ignite. People management is one of the topics that I am introduced to and below is my reflection on reward and recognizing the finance department.

Every department in the hotel plays an important role that contributes towards smooth running of the business impacting guest satisfaction and revenue generation. However when it comes to recognition and reward, numerous research ( Papasolomou and Vrontis , 2017), ( Simons and Enz , 1995) points that front of house is often recognized compared to back of house. One such department that I wish to recognize is the Finance department.

The finance department in our hotel plays a very vital role as they are the one who control all incoming and outgoing funds. The audits and all the actions/tasks that happen with in the finance department are of importance and should be recognized for , as they impact the bottom line on the profit and loss statement. There are numerous ways in which a department can be recognized however often it is a generalized approach such as incentive to a department that is commonly practised and this may not appeal to all employees within the department. Hence it is a good practice to find out what is the motivating factor of the employee within the department in order to provide apt reward thus providing a relevant recognition.

When the finance department was approached with the question of what is the relevant motivating factor that would make one feel rewarded and recognized; the common denominator was Attention – in other words Public Praise, appreciation so that they feel recognized for the work that they do and not treated as an ancillary department that is neglected. Keeping this in mind, the best way to make the department valued and cared for was through using HIVE FIVE e-card that is available on Hilton Recognition Matter, having customised water bottle label and candy bar wrapper were the highlights that positively contributed towards a relevant reward and recognition to the department. Also at Hilton Bankside we have a shout out board where an individual team member or department can be thanked , recognized and the Finance department features on that board.

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Hilton Recognition Matters.

Posted on Nov 1, 2017

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