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Recognizing Housekeeping Week AND a Spirit Award Recipient…Watch the Video!

Vickie A. Hann

You will find below a video produced by our Director of Sales, Ursula McNamara, that captures or International Housekeeping Week 2010 luncheon where we also honored our Spirit of Hilton Award recipient, Karina Romero, one of our Room Attendants.


At our hotel, we also honor the Kitchen Stewards and Banquet Housemen during the week. Every day, the entire Housekeeping staff, Kitchen/Banquet Stewards/Housemen, were served breakfast. Every hotel department issued hand made, customized, recognition/appreciation bookmarks and certificates throughout the week. Also, every day, the staffs received gifts to honor them such as T-Shirts, flashlights, canteens, fleece jackets, lunch packs. The Executive Committee went around one afternoon with a red wagon delivering candy bars and water to the celebrated associates.

About two weeks before International Housekeeping week officially began, the hotel managers and supervisors started issuing Housekeeping dollars in denominations of one’s, fives and tens, awarded to individuals who could daily answer questions related to guest service goals and scores for overall service and loyalty, making the guest feel welcome, being helpful, use of guest name, etc. Additionally, money was awarded to those associates who were familiar with their own departmental specific goals – speed of service, cleanliness, appearance of lobby, etc.

Overall, associates collected Housekeeping dollars over a period of one month saving their dollars for a big auction at the end of International Housekeeping week where they had the opportunity to bid on items such as weekend getaway packages at other hotels, boutique jewelry pieces inclusive of austrian crystal necklaces, earrings and bracelets, festive scarves, decorative pocketbooks, MP3 players, shopping mall gift cards, coffee makers, sun beam irons, ipods/accessories, metro passes, days off with pay, etc. (about 45 gifts in total).

For Hilton Arlington Associates, International Housekeeping Week is one of their favorite celebrations of the year!! What also stands out in the video, is the cultural diversity of this family with 40 different countries represented amongst 104 associates.

Posted on Oct 28, 2010

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