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Recognizing Managers and Supervisors at Hilton al Hamra Beach & Golf Resort








img_8174We are utilizing the recognition calendar as an integral tool for promoting Heart of Hilton Initiative, leadership index, OEX, & Engagement. Our HR department has downloaded the calendar into Outlook, and we are using the many different occasions which are highlighted on the days other than the departmental monthly recognition.

For example, we celebrated World Boss’s Day this month which was new and most of us including sister properties were unaware of. It was a great success in both recognizing leadership, gauging its success in the hotel, and engaging the team in recognition and leading the celebration. To recognize our leaders as the “World’s Best Boss” on the 16th October, each department took the initiative to recognize their leaders in the most creative of ways.

Front Office recognize their leader by spraying him with water on his arrival to the office, with the motive behind the blessing water gives in many cultures around the world.

Food & Beverage all gathered showcasing a slideshow of their leader and giving him a makeover in appreciation of his humour and light-hearted approach with the team.

Finance planted a tree with the appreciation of the growth the Finance manager has given to the team.

The Head Chef got a heart-warming speech from his team and 43 presents one from each chef all hidden in a humongous box.

Recreation and Spa recognized the leaders with many healthy treats.

Housekeeping had a nice surprise for their leader.

Stewarding all signed a nice plaque with cake and treats.

HR was appreciated with many hidden sweet notes.

Finally our Hotel Manager was given the most treats of all in appreciation to his fantastic leadership from the full hotel team. We filled a Pot with a note from each of the 250 Team Members at Hilton Al Hamra, teamed up with a plate signed by all the HODs. In the morning his office was decorated, and he was surprised by the treats and cake saying “World’s Best Boss”. Last but not least, throughout the day he was given a note with a chocolate bar which highlighted the appreciation of each and every team member for his vision and strategy he leads us by.

Our Country GM also had his fair share of recognition from all of us as a hotel. We sent his a personalized card & cake teamed up with a jar of M&M telling him “Bosses like you hold the pieces together”.

We all had a fantastic day Recognizing our Leaders!

We have also customized the calendar to suit our festivals in the UAE with our own personalized recognition calendar – coming up with more occasions to be highlighted: We will be celebrating popular religious events in recognition of diversity such as Diwali on November 11th, likewise early in October we celebrated Mid-Autumn Festival which is a very important Chinese Festival.

Recognition is an important tool for engagement. and it surely is paying off with the help of the recognition calendar.

Posted on Nov 28, 2016

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Frederique Hounkpatin (RKTAH) says

Great initiative. Highly appreciated by the team and leaders while engaging our team members

Commented on January 24, 2017

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