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Recognizing the Value of a Powerful Housekeeping Team.

Mandy Hoover,
Hampton Inn & Suites Mansfield-South @ I-71, OH

Housekeeping Week 2009 was a week to remember. At Hampton Inn & Suites Mansfield South @ 71, we know the value of a powerful Housekeeping team. We strive daily to make sure that our team knows we appreciate their hard work and dedication. Housekeeping week is a great way to express that thankfulness! Here is what we did to celebrate those that make us shine!

Sunday: Today, after the Housekeeping team had left for the day, we decorated the laundry room. We used the flags sent and other decorations to get everyone in the celebration spirit when they returned.

Monday: Our theme was “Water we do with out you?” We gave the staff waters with the housekeeping wrap. They all enjoyed getting a cool drink during a busy day.

Tuesday: Teamwork is a huge part of our success. To keep that in mind, we gave each team member a teamwork tool kit. This kit was filled with little reminders of how important team work is each day (i.e. a rubber band because team members must be flexible).

Wednesday: We designed a scavenger hunt in the hotel for the Housekeeping team. We created a letter from Blackbeard the Pirate, and gave the girls the clues to his coins that he had left behind. All coins were in areas that may sometimes get missed when cleaning daily. It worked as a fun reminder to check these areas. In teams of two, (one with an eye patch, and one with a pirate compass) they raced through the hotel, completing tasks and retrieving coins. At the end of the hunt they each got a loot bag of items to “take care” of themselves. A manicure set, Chicken Soup for the Soul crossword book, and Tylenol were among the items given that day. When everyone had completed the task, management made root beer floats for the entire housekeeping staff, complete with swirly straws.

Thursday: Each of our Housekeeping team truly plays an important roll in our property. To celebrate this we gave each a big bag of tootsie rolls along with a note about how important their “roll” is at Hampton.

Friday: The party is on! After kidnapping all the carts from the Housekeeping team, we called them all down to the meeting room. Here they found a decorated room ready for a party. We served pizza, chips, pop, and ice cream cake for lunch. Upon entering the meeting room, each team member was given a pen. At each seat was a paper with a team members name on it. They were instructed to go to each paper and write a positive comment on each one before taking their seats. When that was completed, they opened their gifts from our management team. They were gifted t-shirts, insulated mugs, stationary sets, and a big container of their favorite candy. We then played some games. The first game, just as an ice breaker, was “Pin the Tail on the Donkey”. It was a great way to get everyone up and moving. The panel of judges then went out and checked each cart, looking for cleanliness and stock. The team member with the cleanest cart won. Next was a game of “The Price is Right.” Here we borrowed items that our team uses daily to stock rooms or to clean with. We made it a three part game. The first part was guessing the price of the items with out going over, the closest got a coin. The second part was guessing if the price under the item was actually higher or lower than the actual cost, each winner got a coin. The last part was guessing which item was the most expensive out of two, winner getting a coin. At then end of the game, the person with the most coins won. Each of these games had a prize of a bath set and housekeeping pin. The last contest we did was a coloring contest. We had each of the team members draw what Hampton means to them. At the end of 5 minutes, they each showed and explained their drawing. The judging panel deliberated, and decided on the winner that most understood Hampton. This person got the grand prize of a free whirlpool room and a gift certificate to a local restaurant. At the end of the party we honored each housekeeper with a certificate for a job well done.

Saturday: We used this as a day of thanks. We hand wrote each housekeeping team member a thank you, highlighting areas in which they have gone above and beyond, and making sure that a personal touch was added to each card.

From gifts, to words of thanks, we truly had a fun time celebrating our housekeeping staff. The games were a great way to have fun and keep educating. By the end of the week, we could see the shine, not just in the hotel, but in the eyes of our team.

Housekeeping week 2009 was a huge success!

Posted on Oct 8, 2009

Topic(s): Celebration Plans, Department-Specific Recognition, International Housekeeping Week

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