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Reuniting Long-Lost Comrades!

One morning, at our beautiful Hampton Inn & Suites of Brier Creek, one of our GSAs, Carol Williams, received a phone call from a guest in his room asking if we had a phone book at our front desk. Carol informed the guest that while the phone book we offered was primarily for business, she would be glad to Google any number or location for him. Shortly after that, the guest, Mr. Siebert, came downstairs and handed her a piece of paper with the name of an old Vietnam veteran buddy he had served beside. Mr. Siebert informed Carol that he had been searching for his buddy since Vietnam, and since then, had had no luck in finding him.

Carol, being the ultra helpful GSA that she is, accepted the challenge of locating his friend for him. She initially started with Google and ended up locating several gentlemen under the name of Irs O. Hammond, the name Mr. Siebert provided her with, under the White Pages.

After several calls, she located a number listed to that name under a Jacksonville address, a known military town. The initial call to the Jacksonville address led Carol to a voicemail. The voicemail left another number to contact in case of emergency. When Carol called this number, a woman picked up and after some fact finding, Carol discovered that this woman’s husband was the Vet our guest had been searching for. As it turned out, Mrs. Hammond had been a guest at our hotel 2 days prior, and initially thought Carol was calling about a lost item. Carol and Mrs. Hammond exchanged numbers with Mr. Siebert, who cried tears of joy of the news of locating his comrade. Mr. Siebert gave Carol a big hug and called her an “angel sent from heaven” to help him solve a mystery he had been searching for for 40 years.

Also, a third friend of theirs had written a book about their adventures in Vietnam, and the book has been published and is available for purchase at Barnes & Noble.

Posted on Feb 22, 2011

Topic(s): Recent Recognition Ideas

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