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Room Attendant Cart Report Cards.

Hampton Inn & Suites Orem, UT

To improve appearance of room attendant’s carts and to increase pride in the workplace, we have a monthly cart inspection. A list was prepared for each room attendant with information on what is to be kept on and off of their carts (along with a photo). Inspection is done randomly, and a “report card” is filled out. This allows the room attendant to see what areas he/she needs to improve on as well as reward them for things they are already doing correctly! All those receiving a B or higher grade, get to pick their 2 days off in an upcoming work week. Total cost: $0.00!

Posted on Dec 26, 2009

Topic(s): Low-Cost Recognition, Recent Recognition Ideas

Mariana says

Nice looking cart!

Commented on January 27, 2010

Cheree says

Love this idea! If you have anymore great housekeeping cleanliness ideas, please post!

Commented on January 31, 2010

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