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Sales and Marketing Recognition Month at Hilton New Delhi / Janakpuri, India.

The month of July was dedicated to the recognition of our Business Development Team.  To appreciate the efforts of our business development team, various activities were carried throughout the month in many departments.

  • A Sales Tag Along drive was initiated from July 12 to 21. Team Members from each Department partnered with a Sales Team Member for a day on a sales call. This brought in a lot of thrill and excitement among Team Members who realized how indispensible and valuable our sales team is to the success of our Hotel.
  • On July 19, A colorful board by the name of Graffiti Wall, was placed in our board room where Team Members from all departments were invited to write positive comments. From simple words of appreciation to elaborate sketches, the board filled the hearts of our Business Development Team with immense joy, happiness and gratitude.
  • July 25, was dedicated to the top performers of our Business Development team. Their efforts were recognized with Brag Tags by our General Manager. The Titles of the Brag Tags were Super Salesman, Lovely Listener, Stellar Seller, and Wonderful Worker. These stars of the Business Development Team acknowledged our appreciation by wearing these tags for one full day.

The grand finale, a hot dog themed lunch, was organized and included the following –

  • Client Tie-ins: A Memento demonstrating the highest revenue generating account was awarded to the entire Business Development Team by our GM.
  • Everyone’s a sale person:  Team Members from departments other than Sales who contribute towards the sales of the hotel were acknowledged and appreciated.
  • Tours De France: Business development TM’s with maximum Catch Me Cards were recognized.
  • A fun quiz was organized by Human Resources with questions such as top sales accounts in order and longest running accounts.
  • Top Performers of the Business Development Team were recognized and gifted coffee mugs with their Brag Tags titles and photographs imprinted on the Mugs.

Posted on Aug 22, 2012

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