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“SALT Awards” Foster Team Spirit.

We selected 36 high impact categories from the SALT Surveys and made play cards for each in English and Spanish. We created a “Team Lewis” and a “Team Lois” and selected team captains for each team. We then placed all 36 placards in a bag and had each team captain select 18 placards apiece. The selected play cards were to be their teams’ focus weekly and monthly. We then placed all team member names into a bag and each team captain pulled names until both teams had an even amount of team members. Each team had team members from all departments of the hotel.

Every Wednesday, we all came together for what is now known as the ” SALT Awards”. During this time we had snacks of a different sort and then the fun began. Let me mention first that on every Wednesday at 10am, I would print out our latest SALT Scores – this was to be used for the SALT Awards later on in the day. The Lewis Team was on one side and the Lois Team was on the other. We would then go through each category listed for one team and write down the score on their team boards. After going through all 18 categories for that team, we tallied the scores and came up with an average score for that total team score for that week. We then repeated the same for the other team.

At the conclusion, the team with the highest average score became the winners for the week. The captain of the winning team then drew from their team bag of names one team members name who would be selected to go to the prize bag. Prizes consisted of dinner coupons, Duck Bucks, Dollar value gift cards. Once a team member won, their name was withdrawn from the bag until a new month started. By creating a game and fun atmosphere about the SALT Scores, we’ve been able to educate our staff about service, created a “team atmosphere” and a hotel culture centered around both internal and external guest. If the overall average score of the team exceeds the Brand Average for that week, we then drew 2 names to go to the prize bag.

Because we had the teams mixed up of all departments it became very clear to all parties the importance of hotel grounds, appearance of the lobby or the evening reception. The excitement seen in the employees faces when the scores improved is truly “priceless”. Along the same lines, if the scores went south, there was true disappointment in the room. We will continue to have the “SALT Awards” moving forward because it has embodied a team spirit amongst our employees.

Posted on Jan 7, 2010

Topic(s): Recent Recognition Ideas, SALT Boosting Ideas

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