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Our Town Hall Meetings Focus on SALT.

We are always wanting to keep “SALT” scores top of mind. The only way to do this is to keep talking about it. All last year we would have monthly “Heart Huddles” – this would be a time for us to discuss any topics relating to the overall success of our business. How we work together as a team, how we work individually in our departments, what are guests want and need and how we get recognized Starting the new year we decided to rename our monthly meetings to “Town Hall Meetings” and to showcase different team members – make it a personal touch. At these “Town Hall Meetings” we will continue to focus on the importance of “SALT” and to educate on what they mean to us as a business moving forward. We make it fun and educational – asking questions and for participation in discussions – they are rewarded with a full size chocolate bar – that is thrown across the room – if they catch it – they get it! Attached is the first “Wanted” posters.

Posted on Jan 4, 2010

Topic(s): Recent Recognition Ideas, SALT Boosting Ideas

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