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SALT = Small And Large Things.

Hampton Inn & Suites Orem, UT

Small And Large Things.

To create and increased awareness of SALT scores, we created a scavenger hunt of items that were found in the guest’s rooms by our room attendants. They were given one week to find every item..(50 items). The list included things such as luggage tags, a passport, a slipper, receipts, dentures, a Starbucks coffee cup, a Wal Mart bag, a breakfast tray, and other items that may have needed repair…a burnt out light bulb, a loose table leg, etc. The items were to be checked off of their “score cards”. Supervisors then verified the items were there. When the room attendant had found all of the items on their list, they were allowed to have another room attendant (of their choice) to work with (team clean) for one day during their upcoming schedule work week. The room attendants (and myself) were surprised that it really took that long to find some of the items (I mean really, a purple shoe?) It built team cleaning skills, and morale! Total cost: $0.00!

Posted on Nov 15, 2009

Topic(s): Low-Cost Recognition, Recent Recognition Ideas, SALT Boosting Ideas

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