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Secret Mission at the Hilton Clearwater Beach, FL.

As part of our Be My Guest program, DOFO Andre set an email to a guest who was staying more than 3 days to ensure his stay was satisfactory. Andre received the following message back:

“My stay is going well – I am still here – never leaving – I figure I can move from room to room in this big hotel and no-one would ever find me. The stay is going good, your staff is wonderful and being a seasoned traveler I know what is what. I wonder if this is one of those emails that no-one normally responds to and my reply email will sent into the ether ………………………”

The hotel replied:

“Since you are hiding out in our top secret chambers, your first mission as our lead detective is to have dinner at our Reflections Restaurant. Please be discreet, we cannot risk you being found! – Hilton Headquarters *This message will self-destruct at check out time!”

These items, along with a free dinner certificate, were discreetly delivered to the guest by Lees and Andre. We have no idea what his reaction was to the amenity as he is in hiding and to reveal such information may blow his cover. Just another way we get creative to exceed our guests’ expectations and create memorable experiences for them!

Posted on Aug 8, 2012

Topic(s): Recent Recognition Ideas

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