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Security Superheroes

June 2018 is Security recognition month. This month we celebrate all the diligent and vigilance of our security team that make us safe in the hotel. What many guests, clients and other team members may not realize is that the security team provides so much more than just safety and observation of the hotel property. At the DoubleTree Torrance – South Bay hotel our security team not only engages with many guests and provides friendly guest service, but they help other departments with many tasks. Security also helps all of our guests with parcels, loss prevention, recovering lost objects, even helping carry luggage. The fact that our security team does so much more than the regular job requirements makes us truly believe that they are our superheroes. So we decided to mix it up and decorate our cafeteria with our security members as their favorite superhero. We hung the walls and almost made it look like a movie studio/comic book store. Each of our security officers has a great relationship with all of our team members and we all look up to them for many reasons. They definitely deserved to be recognized and they are an amazing example of what it means to thrive at Hilton. We had celebratory cake for them in our cafeteria and continue to give them high fives and smiles every day. If anyone was qualified to save us from an outer space attack, it would definitely be our security team! Thank you for everything you do Security Team!

Posted on Dec 17, 2018

Topic(s): Safety & Security

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