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Meet 2013 CEO Light & Warmth Award Winner Chen Hai Ping—And See How He Celebrated His Win!

Congratulations to Chen Hai Ping of Conrad Sanya Haitang Bay, China, who was one of our winners for the 2013 CEO Light & Warmth Award. See photos from his celebration and read his story!

A gentleman guest of the hotel fainted, was taken to the hospital and unfortunately passed away.  He was a Singapore national and in Sanya with his daughter on vacation as part of a tour group.  Unfortunately, family from Singapore could not arrive in time to help the daughter make the arrangements.  She was in a foreign country, distraught by the passing of her father, and not capable of making the funeral arrangements herself.  The management team of the hotel stepped in and Hai Pin Chen volunteered to assist the family during their difficult time.

Chen Hai Ping volunteered to be the driver and accompany the female guest to make the funeral arrangements for her father.  This involved many superstitions associated with the Chinese culture such as entering the morgue, being near the deceased, going to the funeral parlor, and searching for a religious institution capable of performing traditional Chinese rituals for the dead.

On the day of the cremation, the funeral parlor lost power and was unable to proceed with the cremation.  After waiting for hours, the family was told the power could not be restored and the cremation would have to take place at another facility three hours away.  The clock was ticking for the family to meet all the funeral arrangements made for their father.  Chen Hai Pin offered to drive the family to the new location, especially since they had already experienced so much grief.  The cremation was completed and the family was able to make all the commitments and arrangements for their fathers’ service.

Chen Hai Ping put aside all his beliefs and uneasiness and helped the guest pull through this difficult situation.  He fully understood the need for compassion and empathy and displayed them perfectly.  He was the light and warmth of hospitality in the hearts of the grieving siblings during this difficult period for them.




Posted on Mar 13, 2014

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susan (Hampton Inn Linden NJ) says

Chen Hai Ping congradulation on your light and warmth award!!! Reading your story was heart felt and teary eyed.

Commented on March 13, 2014

Alaa Youssef (Hilton Sharm Waterfalls) says

Congratulations, Chen Hai Ping.

Commented on March 25, 2014

Christopher Rule (Hilton Boston Logan Airport!) says

How proud we all are of your Chen Hai Ping! You are an honorable gentleman and very worthy of this award! Thank you for your selflessness and kindness to someone in distress.

Commented on March 25, 2014

Akiko (DoubleTree by Hilton Naha) says

Congratulations on your Light and Warmth award Chen Hai Ping! Amazing and brave story. What you did was a true display of “the light and warmth of hospitality”!!

Commented on March 26, 2014

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