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Meet 2013 CEO Light & Warmth Award Winner Jacqueline Jeanes—And See How She Celebrated Her Win!

Congratulations to one of our 2013 CEO Light & Warmth Award winners, Jacqueline Jeanes of Hilton Cardiff, UK! Check out pictures from her celebration and read her story!

It would be impossible for Hilton Cardiff to put a price on Jacqueline’s hospitality. She spent two months as the hotel’s number one up-seller, and raised £2,250 in incremental revenue. Her SALT scores are consistently in the 9s and 10s, and she’s known for enrolling more HHonors members than anyone else—which helped the hotel win second place in the Hilton “Perfect Check In” challenge.

Jackie’s enthusiasm energizes the community, too. She spearheaded fundraising for the Hilton in the Community Foundation, and single-handedly raised £3,000. But that wasn’t enough for her: Jackie even hustled to secure raffle prizes at no cost. The event ended up collecting a total of £32,600—nearly four times their goal!

Guests around the world rave about Jackie’s service. She’s quick to extend a warm welcome, and even quicker to solve issues, recommend restaurants, or arrange a birthday surprise. That’s because Jackie’s number one priority is guests—and she won’t settle for less than outstanding.

Posted on Mar 13, 2014

Topic(s): CEO Light & Warmth Award, Recent Recognition Ideas

Sue Miller (Maple Court) says

Congratulations Jacquie, a well deserved winner. Looks like you had a great day, love the Welsh daffodils, looking forward to visiting Cardiff again soon.

Commented on March 13, 2014

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