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We found that one of the challenges is to get the SALT message and scores out to everyone. To get the real understanding and see the right picture one has to run though the reports in the system quite extensively. And let’s face it, not everyone could have the time or understanding to make use of the available reports on the system on line.

What we have decided was to prepare something that is simple, covering all areas with some easy analysis and goals to strive for. Something in one piece of paper and only takes a glance just to see where the hotel or each area stands.

The improvement was seen immediately when in the past our goal for loyalty was at a very high 55. We started to use distribute this weekly “SEE SALT” report in February and to date our scores has risen to a surprisingly 61.6. We have seen the improvement of staff understanding and involvement to the SALT program.

Download “SEE SALT” Report (Excel).

Posted on Feb 26, 2010

Topic(s): Recent Recognition Ideas, SALT Boosting Ideas

Moderator says

That’s a very nice and simple way to build awareness.

Commented on February 26, 2010

Michael Ecaldre says

Be Hospitable guest comments incentive program
To motivate team members to push the boundaries of the service quality and guest satisfaction. To be more hospitable.
Improving SALT results by making team members aware of service performance and motivating team members to give a better service by creating a friendly competition within the outlets.
– Giving daily of guest comments card of the team members.
Summarizing of the comments on that day
Recognition for the best comments of the day by presenting Thank you card.
– Weekly updates for the best guest comments and presenting thank you card for the chosen one picked by supervisor or captain.
– Monthly best guest comments card
The more thank you card you got will have a chance of winning The Hospitable Team Member of the Month
Rewards : certificate of recognition plus price incentive.

Result impact:
Improved awareness and motivation among the team member.
Increased guest satisfaction in Food & Beverages.
Success Factor:
Increase SALT scores in F&B

Commented on January 11, 2011

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