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Shake Up Your SALT Scores With a Prize For Most-Improved Department.

Andreas Boettger,
Hilton Adelaide, Australia

Here at Adelaide we created a contest for the most improved operational department year on year. This is based on three key questions relating to the department. Bonus points are to be won for the most updated SALT board, staff knowledge on action and current scores, and any other initiatives. The winning department will receive a nice incentive at year-end, such as a trip to a winery all paid for. The leading department receives a roaming monthly trophy in form of a large SALT shaker, and the department ‘leading from the bottom’ holding a PEPPER shaker ‘as department in most need of SALT.’

Posted on Jul 11, 2009

Topic(s): Recent Recognition Ideas, SALT Boosting Ideas

Cindy Fujioka says

Great idea! We are currently working on developing a similar concept. Would you mind sharing the details of your point system and pictures of your monthly trophy?

Commented on October 28, 2009

Martha says

I as well will like to know more about this contest!

Commented on November 9, 2009

Andreas Boettger says

Hi Cindy and Martha,

The point system is per department and utilizes three SALT questions that they can influence (i.e. Front Office – check in, use of guest name and hospitality of of staff). We then take exit score of the previous year and compare to the current year (i.e. if check in for 2008 is 50, and 2009 is 52, we give 2 points). If the score is above the target (i.e. the target is 51), every point above is counted double as a bonus for a job well done.

Then we do monthly random checks on each department depending what we want to focus on (i.e. SALT knowledge). All that is added to the monthly score. We always look at YTD.

We then create a chart that is published along with a detailed explanation.

I haven’t got a picture of the trophy. We just bought a 20cm high Salt and a 20cm Pepper shaker, and asked Engineering to add a wood base and a plaque. The SALT shaker goes to the department that has most ‘SALT’ (at the top of the chart). The Pepper shaker goes to the department on the bottom of the chart, ‘in most need of SALT’.
This creates fun and a little peer pressure too.

I believe driving the departmental scores will eventually positively impact the overall loyalty positive, as it makes the team accountable for their own department.

Let me know if you need any further info, otherwise best wishes for your SALT!!

Commented on November 11, 2009

James O'Neal says

I think this is an awesome idea!! Just the point of creating friendly competition can truly drive the spirit and culture of your business. This is great and I plan on doing something similiar. Way to go.
One item that we are doing right now is driving on the proper use of tools. ie, the service recovery log. In the past we have not been using this consistently. The front desk drives this. So now we push them to make the entries on any service failures, down to the room key not working. The service recivery log is printed daily and given to every manager to track trends and address issues from the night before. The General Manager, reviews the log and comments on every entry. Stating whether it was great and provided enough information or whether it was insufficient and did not. This has created a clear expectation of all desk associates. In addition the commented log is given to each desk associate for review. This has promoted dialogue and encouragement to do well. This also allows us the opportunity to do proper follow up with the guest, while they are still in house, to ensure that we have addressed there issues to their satisfaction. Our SALT scores have increased. Our SALT accountability has improved. Our service culture has improved.

Commented on January 6, 2010

Mariano Hvozda says

Great Initiative Andreas! Greetings from the Met!

Commented on March 22, 2010

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