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Our Spirit Award Winner

We were honored and delighted to learn that one of our Housekeepers was selected as a Spirit Award winner. Rosa Nestor, a very dedicated and loyal employee, who always goes above and beyond in her job, was the proud recipient of this prestigious award. Her efforts and compassion far surpass what is expected, and our Guests and staff recognize this. All team members were invited to the celebration complete with goodies, noise makers and beads. A call from corporate headquarters commended her for her performance, dependability, and devotion to giving our guests the best experience possible and ensuring they feel valued, respected and cared for. Rosa has assisted Guests from sewing on buttons to helping them with luggage and loading it in their vehicle or getting them soup and extra blankets when they feel ill. She is truly a blessing to our hotel. Rosa was truly humbled when receiving her “crown” and well-deserved award. She was thankful, but said she was only doing what she felt she would have liked if she was away from home. Congratulations, Rosa!!

Posted on Mar 30, 2016

Topic(s): The Spirit Award

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