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Spirit Winner Jacque Mooney – Looking Out for the Team!

On Thursday, March 11th, I was leaving town with our Director of Sales and Accounting Manager for an Owner’s meeting. Jacque Mooney, our Facilities Manager, told me that Linda, from the Laundry department, had not come in to work yet. Jacque was concerned, as it was not like Linda to just not show up for work. We had to get on the road, but Jacque let me know if Linda wasn’t at work soon, she would run out to her house and check on her, knowing that Linda did not have family around. Later that day we heard from Jacque that Linda did not make it to work, and that she did go out to check on her. When Jacque saw Linda at her house, she immediately recognized that Linda did not look well at all, and told her that she needed to get to the doctor, if not the hospital. Linda protested a bit, but Jacque convinced her she needed to go. Jacque then took her to the ER, where they took one look at her and moved her right into an emergency room. They did find that she was very sick, and had surgery the following Tuesday, March 16th. Jacque was informed by hospital staff that if another 48 hours had gone by without care, Linda probably would not have lived. In the confused state Jacque found Linda in, there is little doubt that Linda would have had the ability to do anything for herself, and probably would not have made it. Jacque and others from the hotel have visited Linda while she was in the hospital. I saw Linda the Sunday afternoon before her surgery, and had a good chat with her. She was very thankful for what Jacque did for her, and I said “you know Linda, what Jacque did probably saved your life”. Tears welled up in her eyes, as she expressed thanks for that, and for the care she has received from Jacque and others in the hotel. I think she realized that we are a bit more of a family here than she recognized, and was truly glad for that. I feel that it’s necessary to relay this story, because it’s not often that one of us actually become involved in saving the life of another team member through the course of a week. I am proud of what Jacque did for Linda. It truly was one of those moments in time at the HGI Billings. Oh…Linda just returned to work last week, on a very part time basis as she is still gaining strength. She was so happy to be back to work, and back to those that cared for her during this time in her life. Jacque had continued to visit Linda and check on her during her recovery. It would appear that a bond has developed between Jacque and Linda that will probably last their lifetime.

Posted on Sep 6, 2010

Topic(s): Recent Recognition Ideas, The Spirit Award

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