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The Stars of Hilton – Hilton North Raleigh/Midtown

We don’t want “Catch Me” to end so here is our plan to help with that catch me spirit. Here is the plan:

1. Know the Name: Write a story card of a Guest encounter (examples: Room #225 is picking up their new baby girl from adoption; Mrs. Whitley is celebrating her 75th Birthday; Smith’s are here on their Honeymoon; Cody is the child in leg braces and he is here for Special Olympics; youth kids soccer team here for Soccer tournament, etc.), wish them well and be sure to give the Guest your name. Drop your story cards in one of the designated boxes. We will share the stories and ask that other Team Members say words of encouragement to the Guests.

2. Follow-up: Next encounter you have with the mentioned Guest, ask about how things went on their special event, trip, etc. This is our way of Making Stars of our Guests and helping them feel valued, cared for, and respected.

3. You Become a Star when you are mentioned in a positive way on a S.A.L.T. survey or on TripAdvisor. You earn your star on our WALL OF FAME! located in the back hallway where the Catch Me cards were posted. You get a bonus star if you were mentioned by someone you had previously written a story card on. This proves that you connected with the Guest and that you made an impact on that Guest. We will be adding smaller stars over your first big star, and we will be keeping a tally of those who are leading the way in making our Guests feel like stars.

4. End of Year Reward! At the end of the year Holiday Party, the person with the most positive mentions on S.A.L.T. and TripAdvisor will receive a cash prize.

Posted on Aug 8, 2016

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Abdelsalam Ragab (Hilton luxor resort& spa) says

Nahes (8/11/16)

Accommodation was very wonderful location of the hotel is excellent too reception team and Alrsapshin professionals in providing the service and Agahm smile and the concierge helped us a lot in our stay thanked them for their performance upscale workers in restaurants and chefs distinct from other hotels previously I stayed in the hotel is very sophisticated and Furniture made on the high-quality food in the level of restaurants and a team breakfast stunning hotel overall is a first option and only for those thinking of visiting Luxor
Special thanks to Brother Salam Rajab to meet all our requests and is definitely part of the plan and the perspective of the administration to work and I thank Mr. Michael General Manager of the hotel, which has a clear imprint on the evolution of the hotel despite the short duration of the inauguration of the administration
To them my sincere thanks for the wonderful accommodation and actually …

Commented on August 15, 2016

Donna Price (Hilton North Raleigh/Midtown) says

Way to go team!

Commented on August 15, 2016

Barbara Rose (DoubleTree by Hilton) says

I have been keeping track of the front office employees whose names are mentioned in the Salt responses in a positive way. I am working on getting an incentive approved however maybe I should let you know we had seven names mentioned and the top two were Maegan Davis and Cynthia Hernandez.

Commented on August 15, 2016

carmen melendez (hampton by hilton barranquilla) says

Our front desk team members are mentioned on Tripadvisor and Salt everytime guest leave messages, we are very freatfull for the way they traet our guest, people from front desk are very friendly.

Commented on August 15, 2016

Beth Lucas (DoubleTree by Hilton Raleigh Durham Airport at RTP) says

What a great idea!!

Commented on August 15, 2016

Dominique Cooper (DoubleeTree by Hilton Rocky Mount NC) says

Great job guys!!! Keep up the EXCELLENT work and impacting lives in a positive way!!

Commented on August 16, 2016

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