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Switch Off: Hilton Dubai Jumeirah Residences, UAE, Celebrates Earth Hour.

“Together, we can all turn the inspiration of one hour into the actions of every hour…”

Thank you for participating in this year’s Earth Hour. We made a difference by reaching out to our guests, visitors, Team Members, and the community. The global reach of the phenomenon has affected millions of people. UAE joined 161 countries and 7,000 cities in celebrating Earth Hour. It is indeed the celebration of the planet Earth, and it doesn’t end after an hour off switching off the lights. This is an opportunity for all of us to take action for the environment, inspire others, spark conversation, and make real and long lasting impact. We are in a great position to take action and inspire others by implementing practices and offering services that enable them to make ongoing changes. We are proud to work for a company that is leading with solutions to environmental challenges. See you all in Earth Hour 2015!


Morning 09:00 -18:00

1.Kidz Paradize ‘EARTH HOUR KIDS ‘ activities By Iresh and Hsk Team

a. Earth painting, marine animal puzzles

b. Certificates, badges, SWITCH OFF sticker & cupcakes, photo sessions

c. Hand coloring and wall marking

12:30 -15 :30

2. Crave Saturday Brunch ‘EARTH HOUR KIDS’ activities by Rowell and F&B

a. Earth arts and crafts, marine animal puzzles, Pocoyo book

b. Certificates, badges, SWITCH OFF sticker & cupcakes, photo sessions

c. Eco -Mojito making demonstrations

d. Video watching and ”I WILL “pledge giving

3.Awarding EARTH HOUR KIDS participation with certificates and freebies

07:00 – 11:00

5. Earth Hour Smoothies and organic breakfast in Hartisan Restaurant Evening

8;30 – 9:30

1. Hilton Switch OFF event by the Engineering Team

2. Grape Escape Wine Blind Tasting – guess two wine origins correctly and win your drinks free headed by Axel B.

3. CANDLE LIT dinner all over 10 restaurants from two properties by F&B Sustainable dishes served at Oceana and ECO MOJITO drinks served at Hartisan

4. Wavebreaker 500 Candles lighting ceremony with guests, TM’s organized by Ingela G. and B.E. committe

5. Candle Lighting at Al Qariyah Staff Accommodation with all Team Members April 1,2014

12:00 -12:30

4. Tree Planting – two Diamond VIP’s for the day to participate from two properties Tree planted under guest names on April 1,2014 at the garden

Note : Mr Al J. and Mr. Nichikov planted the trees with great humility and joy

Other actions:

1. Internal communication via ibaHN TV screen display and digital screen Internal signage & posters in back of house areas

2. PR and Marketing

a. Letter drafted to advise guests of the initiative and how it may affect them (Mar 29)

b. Guests are invited to get involved in candle lighting, kids activities, and switching OFF

c. Grape Escape’s Blind tasting event official invite posted in Facebook.

3. Engineering

a. Turn off the exterior lights and neon signs for two properties from 20:30 to 21:30

b. Turn off pin lights wrapped around the palm trees at hotel entrance, pool lights

c. Switch internal lighting levels in Public Areas and Outlets to minimum levels, whilst ensuring health and safety is not compromised

4. Front Office

a. All FO team briefed for reminders and in order to handle any guest feedback

b. Lighting to be minimized in Front Office areas and symbolic candles to decorate Front Desk ,Concierge, GSD with Earth Hour logos

c. Executive Lounge to operate under minimum lighting levels and decorative candles present

5. Housekeeping

a. Letter to go into all guest rooms, shops, concessions and occupied function rooms before 12.00 midday 29 March 2014

b.Maintained safety precautions and display repercussions and removal of Candle before and after the event

c. Ensure that all guest queries are answered in all rooms while distributing invitations

6. Food and Beverage

a. Minimized lighting, use recyclable candles • Oceana -increased candle set up in buffet and tables • Axis -entrance with lit candles and bar area • Wavebreaker -flame torches available and LED lamps on table and bar • Skybar -increased candle set up in pathway ,Led lights in terrace • Studio One -entrance with lit candles and bar area • BiCe -increased candle set up in pathway and in tables • Pure Sky lounge -LED panel lighting off and replaced by bar candles • Crave -increased candle set up in buffet, tables and pathway • Hartisan -increased candle set up in buffet ,tables and pathway ,Led lights in terrace • Grape Escape -Blind tasting event set up

b. Increased number of flame torches on the path to Wavebreaker

c. Candle-light dinner, welcome drinks to be served (Eco mojito)

Note : More than 2000 covers are made in the dinner operations of the F&B

7. Kitchen

a. Only redundant lights to be switched off and no compromises to be made concerning health and safety in any food production areas

b. Sustainable dishes available in Oceana -Stir fried vegetables and green starters by Chef Abdul Riyaz

8. Spa & Fitness Centre

a. Minimum lighting, decorative candles increased in spa area but health and safety not compromised in fitness xentre, gym remained open

9.Hilton Accommodation Earth Hour Black out

a. All rooms and function rooms lights are black out, emergency exit signs are on

b. Cafeteria and signage board are off

c.Team members who are partaking dinner are given with earth hour kits

d. Board games are played in the basketball court and 60+ sign with candles More than 30 team members attended in game activities headed by Ms. Rishda

10. Blue Energy Committee

a. 500 lit candles lit up in the Wavebreaker entrance

b. Assisted guests with their candles and matchboxes, child safety required

c. Photographer available to get snapshots of participating outlets and guests

d. Video taken during the Hilton switch off

e.T ree planting guest communication and event at the garden with photo sessions.

f .H360 submission and story utilization.

YOUTUBE Video Link

Posted on Apr 4, 2014

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