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Taking Ownership and Helping a Guest Return Home for Her Son’s Birthday.

A guest had lost her ID while she was in town, so she had her husband mail her passport to her so she could fly out. They had sent the package overnight, but it was not received at the hotel by the time the guest had left for the day. One of my Team Members called the post office to see what the status was, only to find out it was not at the post office yet. It had been delivered to a different post office, so she called the satellite post office that serves the airport. She did, in fact, finally track it down. She notified the post office not to send the package out becuase the guest would have to drive right by there to get to the airport. She then called the guest, notified her that the package was at the “other post office” and gave her the directions to get there on her way to the aiport for her departure. The guest was amazed that our Team Member took ownership of the situation and kept trying unitl she found the passport so this poor lady could get home to her family. By the way, it was her son’s birthday party that evening, so it was really important for her to get on the plane that day and not wait until the next day. She wrote us a long letter praising our Team Member, as well as the rest of our team. That story will be told over and over to her friends and co-workers and will build it’s own business base for us.

Posted on May 18, 2011

Topic(s): Hilton Worldwide Values, Recent Recognition Ideas

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