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The ABC’s of Recognition!

Hampton Inn & Suites Orem, UT

We the people (Team Members)
Of the PVUOR (Hampton Inn & Suites Orem)
In order to form a more perfect union (Keep guests and fellow team members happy)
Do promise to do the following:

Using the letters of the alphabet, we created a We Make it Hampton list of items that we all wanted to act on during the upcoming months and year ahead. Act hospitable, Be honest, Cheer each other on, Deep clean when needed Empathize, …Never ask more than be willing to give, Optimize my time, Pitch in…etc.

A giant poster was created to kick things off, and EVERY team member signed it. We made up a chant that we sang at various events during the year, and at the end, everyone that participated, received a laminated (credit card sized) card that said all of the things they were committed to during the year. It was fun to see each team member reminding others of some of the things on the list. And also, seeing them (years later) still with their People Make it Hampton cards in their wallets! Total cost: less than $5.00!

Posted on Jan 1, 2010

Topic(s): Low-Cost Recognition, Recent Recognition Ideas

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