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Team Building at the Dollar Store

We had a great team recognition day this week for the Front Desk team. Since we have a close relationship with another Hampton with the same owners, we had one of their Team Members (who actually trained here with us before they opened) come and take a 2-hour shift while I took the team out for a little time together.

Each member was given an envelope with $3.26 and the name of another Team Member on it. We then went to the Dollar Store where each person found 2-3 items that represented the best team-player characteristics of the person whose name they drew.

We then went to a local restaurant who does our Manager Reception once a month for appetizers and our team meeting. Each person shared the items and gave them to the person they represented. It was great to see how creative they were and how they really were able to call out each others strengths! Here are some examples:

All purpose cleaner— “You clean up all our messes and mistakes”
Digital Timer— “You are willing to work whatever hours are given to you, no matter the shift”
Pipe Cleaners— “You are flexible”
A Wooden Puzzle— “You are able to fit all the requests together when assigning rooms, making sure everyone gets the room that fits them perfectly”

For less than $60 (the game plus appetizers and sodas for all) we were able to get away for a quick team building time which boosted morale and our excitement for this team!

Posted on Nov 8, 2011

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