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Team Member “Cheat Sheets.”

Whenever I hire a new Housekeeper, I have them fill out all of their paperwork and a fun question card. I have them write down things such as their current phone numbers, starting date, favorite color, birthday, and hobbies. Its a great tool to use. If I need to call someone, I have all their phone numbers handy. I can recognize service anniversaries or surprise them by “remembering” their birthdays. The answers are great conversation starters and help me link a commonality between new and old Team Members. It’s great to get to know a little more about new people right off the bat, and it helps them feel welcomed. It’s fast, easy, and free! The best part is that they don’t even remember filling them out, and they ask me, “How did you know”?

Posted on Aug 23, 2011

Topic(s): Recent Recognition Ideas

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