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Team Member Creates a Memorable Anniversary for a Guest.

Yassen is considered one of the best F&B members in the hotel. He is responsible for the beach bars where he meets hundreds of guests on daily basis. In addition to his pleasant personality and cheerful character, Yasser can speak three languages fluently which enable him to communicate with various nationalities of guests in order to shape their personal journeys. Yassen sets a role model as a professional supervisor who takes care of his bars and staff alike. One day as he was working in his bar he discovered that one of the Italian guests wanted to buy her husband a gift for their wedding anniversary which was due in two days, and they were in Egypt the wife wanted to buy her man something traditional, but she was hesitant.

Yassen immediately took the initiative and decided to go to one of the local shops and bought two traditional Egyptian Galabyas (Egyptian attire). (One for the man and one for his wife).

On the celebration Day Yassen offered the lady and her husband those two gifts, and wished them a very happy anniversary. The lady her husband were speechless by Yassen’s initiative and decided to celebrate their anniversary while wearing those Galabyas.

Posted on May 22, 2011

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