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The Hospitality Wreath

Before opening, our BPS Director, Kristynne Byers came to visit our hotel. We were brainstorming a few activities to encourage staff bonding. Kristynne pointed out that some of the best activities don’t have to cost a lot of money. The first idea that she threw out off the top of her head was to make a wreath out of hotel rags. We joked with her that she ought to expect one from Santa. As the holiday planning came along we remembered our rag wreath and we thought it would be a silly but fun way to thank Kristynne for all her hard work during our opening.

I challenged Sandra Saunders to make a wreath and handed her a wire frame. I was not expecting much, but what Sandi created was actually very beautiful (see picture). The entire Nashua team brainstormed and even chuckled a little bit about what the wreath represented and what one should do with a wreath made of rags and we came up with the note attached. The first wreath was made over a month ago, but Kristynne has yet to see it because our extended stay guests keep inquiring what Sandi is doing and when she explains what the wreath is and what it is about they desperately want one and Sandi and we need the most recent wreath before they check out.


I finally nabbed the last wreath and it is on the way to Kristynne before anyone could claim it. The last guest who received it shared it with her friend, a buyer for a high end department store who is now planning to call Sandi about selling them through their website.

We just wanted to you what a great inspiration Kristynne has been. Her small heartfelt idea has become a smashing success and the true team building experience that it was intended to be.

Download a Hospitality Wreath flyer.

Jayme Putnam
Sales Manager
Homewood Suites by Hilton Gateway Hills Nashua

Posted on Nov 30, 2015

Topic(s): Additional Ideas, Low-Cost Recognition

Karen Bass (Embassy Brunswick Golden Isles Georgia) says

Great way to up-cycle!

Commented on December 9, 2015

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