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“The Love Affair” Helps Push Scores from 78.7 to 85.6!

In 2007 the Conrad Indianapolis finished the year at 78.7% for overall service. This YTD score motivated our team to push the envelope further and reach into the 80’s range. Through focusing on “the answer’s yes, now whats the question” our team was able to reach 82.3% for 2008 YTD in overall service. The highest score ever for Conrad Indy! The satisfaction did not rest there, but released an ever increasing drive and motivation in our team to become the number one Full Service and Luxury hotel in the US within Hilton Hotels.

We needed to come up with something extremely unique, extraordinary and most of all, something simple enough for every team member to become a part of at a minimal cost.

We knew we needed to take our service to a whole new level if we wanted to surpass our 2008 score of 82.3%. As a result of our commitment and determination to become the best, “The Love Affair” was unleashed.

“The Love Affair” created an opportunity that each and every one of our employees have to create an emotional connection with guests in a way that leaves a lasting emotional impression upon them for life! “The Love Affair” focused on how we make our guests feel rather than what we say. Our team members connected with our guests in a real and meaningful way that took our guests overall stay experience to a whole new level. Our relationships with our guests grew and developed into something truly special.

As a result of “The Love Affair” culture and experience, we we’re able to finish off 2009 with an overall YTD service score of 85.6%.

I’m proud to say that we went from 78.7% in 2007 to record high score of 85.6% in 2009 in overall service by changing our culture to focus on the simple traits and commonalities appreciated by all within “The Warmth of Hospitality”.

Posted on Jan 6, 2010

Topic(s): Recent Recognition Ideas, SALT Boosting Ideas

Juan Carlos Montemayor says

Great Idea, do you think that you will be able to send me a few more tips about this The Love Affair and how you create it in your hotel? We are located in Monterrey, Mexico and want to learn more on how to create a better conecction with our guests. Thanks and congratulations. my email is juan.montemayor@hilton.com

Commented on April 14, 2010

Maria says

To whom it may concern, I too echo what Juan had said above and would like to get more information on the activities/ training understaken to drive this initiative forward.

Thank you and well done on a great achievement.

Commented on May 11, 2010

Clema Owen says

Looking forward to hearing the details.

Commented on May 27, 2010

Jessica Smith says

I too am interested in this program, and would love more details on how this program works. Please email me at Jessica.Smith2@hilton.com with more information. Thank you so much!

Commented on June 8, 2010

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