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The REAL Power of Thank You: Give Your Hotel a Boost!

We all know that a culture of frequent, informal recognition can motivate your team and make them feel valued. But did you know that a simple thank you can have serious business effects? Recognizing your team can lead to a happier, more productive work force, improved SALT scores, and happier guests.

In fact, new research from Bersin & Associates shows that businesses that recognize their employees are “12 times more likely to generate strong business results” than businesses that don’t recognize.

Ready to capitalize on your recognition plan? Inc.com has a few great suggestions.

1. Be Specific and Know Your Team
Inc.com points out that all Team Members like to hear thank you or receive a note of praise, but there’s a way to make it even more effective. Show your team that you’re paying attention by recognizing specific actions and, if possible, the results of those actions. Instead of saying, “You’re doing a good job at the Front Desk,” say, “I really appreciate how you take the time to get to know our guests’ names and preferences. It really makes them feel at home.”

2. How You Say It
Try to tailor recognition to fit the Team Member whenever possible. Recognizing a Team Member in a way that is comfortable for them is the best way to maximize your impact and ensure that they’ll strive to be recognized again and again. Try not to offer free car washes to Team Members without cars, or pull shy Team Members up on stage. Try to incorporate a few universal, fail-proof forms of recognition, such as certificates, thank you notes, and customizable water bottle labels.

3. Tell the World
If it fits your Team Member, don’t contain the recognition to a one-on-one. Share your Team Member’s success with the whole department by mentioning it at a team meeting or pinning a note of congratulations in the break room. Be sure to highlight WHAT made the action so great (Helpfulness, Attention to Detail, etc.) so teammates know exactly the behavior you’re looking for—and know what to do to earn their own recognition.

Posted on Feb 4, 2013

Topic(s): Recent Recognition Ideas, Thought Leadership

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