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It Pays to Get a Written Guest Compliment.

At our property we have an incentive that helps our entire staff go the extra mile everytime. Anytime one of our team members gets any type of written recognition from a guest at our hotel (this being in form of a letter or a note) we bring this up to Human Resources (or sometimes guest mail them in) and our property issues a $25 bonus to that team member. We have found that we receive more and more letters about what a wonderful jobs our individual members are doing. Although we get a couple here and there its not at all too costly to the hotel. Its wonderful to see that bonus for those occassional “Thank you’s” from guest. Its great too because these letters then get put in our personal files. I dont know if this is something that is done through out the brand but if its not is a great incentive program that promotes great customer service.

Posted on Jan 3, 2010

Topic(s): Recent Recognition Ideas

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